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This book provides an intoductory crash-course into algebra that provides a first look into order of operations, use of brackers, square roots and exponents, as well as the use of variables in simpliyfying, factoring and solving algebraic expressions. 

Algebra - level one

    • Order of operations (B.E.D.M.A.S.)
    • Use of brackets, and brackets within brackets 
    • Exponents, square roots, and the relationship between the two
    • Multiplying and dividing by zero 
    • Variables and simplifying expressions with one or more different variable(s)
    • Distributive property, greatest common factors and factoring of expressions, including those with variables
    • Solving equations with variables 
    • Independent and dependent variables to set the stage for graphing
    • Word problems and puzzles throughout, to reinforce the concepts
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