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math learning - made simple. 

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Why eduke?


Our math workbook series is written on strong  foundations of over 10 years of small-class teaching experience, principles of developmental and cognitive psychology and reviewing math curriculums from North America, Singapore, Russia and India.

Innovative approach 


Our books provide an easy and attainable pace for kids to work though one page daily at home for 15-20 minutes. This easy commitment can be seamlessly integrated into yours and your child's busy schedules to maintain consistency. 

One-page-a-day method

The eduke advantage:

Unlike majority of other math workbooks on the market, which segregate educational content by grade, Eduke workbooks are topic-based. This means that they can be used as standalone material, or supplement existing school homework or any of the other books. 

Studies show that students forget up to 50% of all content learned from one school year to the next. This is primarily because not enough time is spent on each topic to truly reinforce the knowledge. This is particularly important in early mathematics. 

Subject-oriented books provide the appropriate amount of practice and an opportunity for students to follow their own pace based on their unique strengths and weaknesses in each topic.  

What our customers say:

"This book was a great tool during the lockdown. Once we got a routine going, my brother was able to sit down and complete his work alone. The [Algebra] workbook allowed him to do most of his work independently because of its seamless lesson plan. He got to sharpen his math skills and apply new methods. I’m confident that material he learned has made him more confident in class. This workbook is perfect for students looking to learn math independently and establish good study habits at home."
- Charmaine (Calgary) 
Doing Homework

Improve Critical Thinking 

The school math curriculum breezes through topics without providing an opportunity or the materials to build on the newly acquired knowledge and apply it in a meaningful way. Eduke books compensate for this gap, providing a multifaceted combination of questions to work on at home, to approach from different angles to help consolidate knowledge and train critical thinking. 

Doing Homework

Develop Study Habits 

Good work ethic and consistency will empower your student to achieve their goals, no matter what level of talent they have in math. It's important to instil these skills early on through positive reinforcement and bonding through celebrating little accomplishments. Our books allow you to do so daily, by completing one page a day in the safe setting of your home.  


Boost Grades + Confidence

With one math topic building on another, a strong foundation of basic math principles will carry students towards success in the later years of education. Building confidence early on will help them tackle and overcome challenges in math down the road, and confidently pursue and excell in math classes and STEM related career pursuits without fear. 

one page a day  
math learning - made simple. 

Hear it from the author,

Daria Venkova, herself:

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